Learning at NIS

One of the best things about NIS is that learning happens everywhere. Like all schools, we expend a great deal of effort ensuring that the highest quality teaching and learning is happening within our classrooms. In this regard, we work tirelessly to enhance our curriculum, to grow the very best differentiated instructional practices, and to infuse a greater degree of Student Voice and Choice in all we do. This is our core business.

With that said, one thing that sets us apart is the degree to which we support student learning beyond “traditional” classroom doors. This takes the form of nature-connected inquiry in our Early Years, exciting “Burst the Bubble” activities across our Primary School, our Grade 4 Creative New Undertakings (CNU) project, the always stellar Grade 5 PYP Exhibition, our dynamic XBlock program in the Middle School, our exemplary approach to Design, the Personal Project in Grade 10, and Extended Essay in the Diploma Programme. Add to this our various Drama productions, musical evenings, Arts exhibitions, Student Council events, Community celebrations, and the over 100 After-School Activities on offer, and we begin to understand the array of learning opportunities happening daily at NIS.

Moreover, our students explore our host nation beyond the NIS gates. Our youngest learners journey into our community through a variety of trips around Nanjing, Grades 3 & 4 take their first overnight trips to Shanghai, Grade 5 marks the start of Discover China, which sees students from Grades 5-12 travel to all corners of the country. Students in these grades also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of world-class athletics, arts, and cultural events across the region.

Each of these opportunities is a chance for us all to embrace inclusion, inspire and be inspired, think creatively, and become more internationally-minded. At some schools, these are considered “extras,” but at NIS, these Mission-driven elements define what our learning community is all about.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to chat about all things learning at NIS!

Kasson Bratton

Deputy Director - Learning

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