Nanjing International School is proud to call itself a Green School and makes every effort to strive toward sustainable practices. Comprised of a small group of students that are keen to take action, the NIS Sustainability Committee is committed to broadening its scope beyond just issues of the environment and focuses on the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals to guide its goal-setting.

Sustainable Event Planning Website

In response to some unsustainable practices observed at school-wide events, the committee worked on developing a list of guidelines to assist event organisers in their planning. With the support of the NIS Strategy Team and a dedicated prototype team consisting of students, teachers and parents, an events planning website was developed. It is hoped that the website will serve as a useful tool for all stakeholders in our community so that we may model sustainable practices in everything we do. Have a look at the site link.

Earth Hour

The main event of the year for the Sustainability Committee is the annual Earth Hour celebrations held worldwide in March. This is a community event which aims to educate and persuade people to be more sustainable at home and at work, as well as at school. In addition to numerous fun activities and displays of student work on environmental themes, various members of the school community- and some from beyond, entertained the audience with music and dance.

Award-Winning Efforts Nanjing International School is proud to hold Silver level certification from LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). In 2015, we proudly accepted the CSR Sustainable Growth and Environment Protection Award from the European Chamber of Commerce for for our 2015 Earth Hour event.

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