Educational Technology


Digital Technology

As you can see, at NIS technology plays a key role in supporting our mission as an inclusive learning community, with all students connected to the internet via our wireless campus network on their personal devices. As a Bring Your Own Mac (BYOM) school, students in Grades 5-12 work in a one-to-one Mac laptop environment. In grades 1-4 we use iPads in a one-to-one blended learning experience to "connect, create, and share, on the go." 

Our Macquarium, which houses our Mac service centre, is a hub of action in the middle of the school serving the needs of students, parents and teachers. It is also one of the more convenient places for students, parents and staff to purchase Apple devices and accessories needed for school (and personal use) from our Apple Authorized Reseller, SolutionKeys®. Our minimum recommended laptop models for purchase can be seen in the chart below:

Minimum Recommended Laptop Specifications (2019-20)
Type MacBookPro(with/without touch bar) MacBook Air MacBook Air(Retina)
Model 13 Inch; 2.3 GHz 13 Inch; 1.8 GHz 13 Inch; 1.6 GHz
CPU 2.3 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Hard Drive 256GB SSD storage 256GB SSD storage 128GB SSD storage
RAM (memory) 8GB 8GB 8GB


As for iPads, please have a look at our iPad site here. If you would like to wait until you arrive in Nanjing to purchase either, have a look at the NIS section on SolutionKeys' website for your shopping needs at the educational discount prices not available in normal Apple Stores or at other resellers. If you find yourself in Europe, North America or Australia, make sure to also check out the "refurbished" section of Apple's online store to get great deals on devices well within our specifications and that are practically brand-new. 

Design and Technology

Throughout the school students have access to a variety of digital and analog technology, from our Design Centre (MYP/DP) which has a professional-level studio for filming and recording, to our Design Pit (PYP) where students are introduced to coding and working with hand tools at an early age. The final products developed by students of all ages in this blended learning environment are impressive.

Responsible User Agreement

When interacting with digital technology on the NIS campus, teachers and students are encouraged to reflect on our Digital Technology philosophy and keep their habits kind, helpful and safe. Should students be found using computers in a manner which does not reflect this philosophy, a meeting with the parents and administration will be called to determine appropriate consequences for the student. The academic use of the laptop will not be affected.

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