Math Club G6-9:
NEAMC Seoul (Mar. 2018) preparation and targeted Math help.

Middle & Upper School Gardening Club G6-12:
Do you love the outdoors? Are you interested in growing your own vegetables? Do you like getting your hands dirty? Then the Gardening club is for you. You will be responsible for looking after your own (or shared) vegetable plot including weeding, seeding, nurturing, growing, watering and harvesting your vegetables.

Middle & Upper School Home Work Club G6-12:
All MS/US students are welcome to join Homework Club, a relaxing space to do your home Work.

Model United Nations Club G8-12:
Prepare to attend some of China’s main Model United Nations events by discussing and debating some important current affairs.

Pixel Art Club G6 - 9:
In Pixel Art Club we will use HAMA / Perler beads and Microsoft Excel to create models of our favourite 2D videogame characters and other pixel art.

Speech and Debate Club G6-9 and 10-12:
This club will also for BWYA Beijing Speech and Debate competition practice if that will take place. The activities on offer are:

  • Impromptu Speech- an individual event where the student must prepare a speech in 90 seconds, based on two topic choices.
  • Original Oratory- students write and deliver their own persuasive speeches on a topic of choice
  • Duet Acting- two person event where students memorize and perform a comedic or dramatic scene Students dramatically read a piece of prose or poetry
  • Debate- Public Forum Debate, a two person event in which two teams of students debate about a controversial resolution.
Drawing Club - Explore the world of Zentangle
If you enjoy drawing calmly, if you like doodling quietly, and if you love relaxing peacefully, this club is for you! We will draw with pencils and pens and explore the world of Zentangle! Bring your calm, quiet, peaceful and creative artistic spirit to the club.

University Application Club G12:
Get some help with your University Application.

Juggling Club G6-12:
Learn to juggle/diabolo and related skills.

Longboarding G8-12:
"Time to ride the long board wave..." Bring your long board and a helmet and cruise around the campus perimeter.

Basketball Never Stops G9-11:
The opportunity to get some extra Basketball practice in.

Service Activities

Extended Essay Support G11-12:
An opportunity for students to take a focused hour to work on the EE and have support whilst doing so.

Personal Project Support G10:
Students can discuss ideas, solidify goals, and work on creating their PP or receive help on the report.

Sustainability Team G6-12:
The Sustainability Team will continue the work from this year, primarily supporting community members to make school events sustainable by utilizing our Sustainable Guidelines website. Additionally, we will look for ways to make the day-to-day running of the school more sustainable; reducing food waste, reducing paper usage, finding alternatives to single-use plastic containers/implements in school and other, similar activities.

TEDxYouth@NIS G8-12:
A group of students who curate and organize the TEDxYouth@NIS event.

Video Review 2017-18 G9-12:
The team that films, edits and produces video of school events, activities and productions.

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